In-House Digital Lenses

The computer controlled precision delivered by digital lens processing provides your patients with a prescription accuracy never achieved in the past. When you add the personalization measurements to the Rx, your patients will experience vision correction that has been customized to their specific patient, frame & environment formula. 

We have made the investment in the in-house digital processing equipment required to be able to deliver this vision changing technology. Combine that with our in-house AR (anti-reflective coating) lab and we have end-to-end control over quality and turnaround time.

Our house brand digital lenses provide your patients with the highest quality at an unsurpassed value. Please call us today if you have any questions about our digital lens offerings.


Advanced 2B Digital LensAdvanced 2B has been designed with the perfect balance between distance and near vision. It is highly recommended for wearers who want a complete personalized progressive lens with unbeatable visual fields in all distances.



Advanced 2D Digital LensAdvanced 2D lens is a fully personalized progressive lens ideal for patients who need superior distance vision. Its exclusive power distribution has been designed to offer a panoramic distance vision. In addition, oblique aberration is minimized point-by-point due to the  personalization process, which results in the final user’s perception with maximum clarity of vision from center to edge.


Advanced 2N Digital LensAdvanced 2N near visual fields initiates a fast progression to provide the wearer with a generous zone for reading without having to constantly move the head. As a result, the near vision behavior of the Advanced 2N lens is highly recommended for wearers that demand better near vision. 



iot Digital LensesIOT has been an innovator in digital lens design since the early days of digital and our house brand digital lenses all use IOT designs. IOT's broad selection of designs provides your patients with the flexibility of choice that will exceed their expectations for their eyewear. For more on the IOT difference, visit their website.